CS 285 at UC Berkeley

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Lectures: Mon/Wed 5-6:30 p.m., Wheeler 212

NOTE: We are holding an additional office hours session on Fridays from 2:30-3:30PM in the BWW lobby. The OH will be led by a different TA on a rotating schedule.

Lecture recordings from the current (Fall 2023) offering of the course: watch here

Looking for deep RL course materials from past years?

Recordings of lectures from Fall 2022 are here, and materials from previous offerings are here.

Email all staff (preferred): cs285-staff-fa2023@lists.eecs.berkeley.edu
  • Instructor Sergey Levine


    Office Hours: After lecture

  • Head GSI Kyle Stachowicz


    Office Hours: Thursday 5PM-6PM (BWW Room 1204)

  • GSI Vivek Myers


    Office Hours: Monday 1PM-2PM (BWW Room 1212)

  • GSI Joey Hong


    Office Hours: Wednesday 3:30PM-4:30PM (BWW Room 1215)

  • GSI Kevin Black


    Office Hours: Tuesday 10AM-11AM (BWW Room 1212)

Week 1 Overview

Course Introduction

Week 2 Overview

Imitation Learning

Week 3 Overview

Intro to RL and Policy Gradients

Week 4 Overview

Actor Critic and Value Function Methods

Week 5 Overview

Value Functions and Q-learning

Week 6 Overview

Advanced Policy Gradients and Model-based learning

Week 7 Overview

Advanced Model Learning and Imitating Optimal Controllers

Week 10 Overview

RL Algorithm Design and Variational Inference

Week 11 Overview

Control as Inference and Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Week 12 Overview

Guest Lectures

Week 14 Overview

Challenges and Open Problems