CS 285 at UC Berkeley

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Lectures: Mon/Wed 5-6:30 p.m., Online

IMPORTANT: If you are an undergraduate or 5th year MS student, or a non-EECS graduate student, please fill out this form to apply for enrollment into the Fall 2021 version of the course. Do not email the course instructors about enrollment -- all students who fill out the form will be reviewed. We will enroll off of this form during the first week of class. We will not be using the official CalCentral wait list, just this form.

Lecture recordings from the current (Fall 2021) offering of the course: watch here

Looking for deep RL course materials from past years?

Recordings of lectures from Fall 2020 are here, and materials from previous offerings are here.
  • Instructor Sergey Levine


    Office Hours: After lecture

  • Head GSI Dhruv Shah


    Office Hours: Thursday 4-5pm

  • GSI Xinyun Chen


    Office Hours: Tuesday 4-5pm

  • GSI Kevin Li


    Office Hours: Wednesday 11am-12pm

  • GSI Jensen Gao


    Office Hours: Monday 11am-12pm

  • uGSI Anikait Singh


    Office Hours: Friday 4-5pm

Week 1 Overview

Course Introduction, Imitation Learning

Week 2 Overview

Imitation Learning

Week 3 Overview

Intro to RL

Week 4 Overview

Policy Gradients and Actor Critic

Week 5 Overview

Value Functions and Q-learning

Week 6 Overview

Advanced Policy Gradients and Model-based learning

Week 7 Overview

Advanced Model Learning and Imitating Optimal Controllers

Week 10 Overview

RL Algorithm Design and Variational Inference

Week 12 Overview

Transfer Learning, Multi-Task Learning, and Meta-Learning

Week 13 Overview

Challenges and Open Problems